Welcome to commonsense initiative (CSI)

CSI works with likeminded individuals, community groups, sports teams, schools or businesses to develop bespoke solutions to embed independent thinking, improved productivity while promoting a sense of belonging, happiness and wellbeing for individual success.

Every individual who engages with CSI is given the time and space to explore their strengths and encourage curiosity, to promote personal understanding by challenging limiting beliefs and reinforcing positive ones. This is achieved by supporting learning in a practical situation by providing the time for reflection and feedback.

What we do

Work with young people and women to inspire, promote self-belief and provide vital life skills for success.

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Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Supporting and guiding you for individual success.

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Inspiring through real life experiences.

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To develop resilience, life skills, teamwork and leadership.

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Who we work with

We work with young people and women in environments that encourages positive learning.


Colleges & Universities

Social Enterprises

Community Groups

Public Performances

Learn more about Julia and how her journey engages an audience.

What we do

Work with young people and women to inspire, promote self-belief and provide vital life skills for success.

CSI Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Julia Lee, a qualified and successful life coach works with you, supporting and guiding you to individual success…

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Inspiring Female Leaders

The programme provides expert support, group sessions, individual coaching and inspirational true stories…

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Effective Team Member Skills

The programme looks at team roles, what makes a team work well, how to build relationships and deal with conflict…

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Onside: Improving Confidence

Onside is designed and delivered by Commonsense Initiative (CSI), to work intensively with cohorts of 10 children…

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OldPain2Go Practitioner

Have you been diagnosed by a Medical Professional and prescribed or advised to take pain relief medication?…

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CSI Public Performance

Bespoke performance for the audience, based on the life story of Julia Lee, who was the first female…

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Our Partners

Julia made a huge step for women in the sport

Julia is one of rugby league’s most prominent figures. Over the last four decades she has helped to develop the sport of rugby league from many different perspectives, all of which have promoted and improved the game.

Angela Powers