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The Potential I See In You

When we have been used to a certain way of life for so long, or in a job or business that isn’t fulfilling us, it makes me think of the potential that is available to you.

We get stuck in our ways as human beings and it’s not until a dramatic event, or we reach our limit of emotional pain that we say ‘enough, I’m not taking this anymore, I’m going to change.’

Reach Your Potential By Changing Your Mindset.

But you don’t have to wait until that point. In fact it is far easier to change your mindset, behaviour, and actions day by day. Firstly, because the traumatic event or limit of emotional pain is then unlikely to happen and secondly, there is less work to do on your mindset to bridge the gap to where you want to be.

I have seen many people change and reach their potential and when they have done that, there is a next level of potential to achieve. It’s admirable to see people like you make changes and notice the incredible results in your life as a result of changing something.

What we do

Work with individuals and organisations to promote self-belief and provide vital life skills for success.

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NLP Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Supporting and guiding you for individual success.

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Inspiring through performance to make positive differences to peoples lives.

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To develop resilience, life skills, teamwork and leadership.

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You Have More Capacity Than You Ever Thought Possible.

As human beings we have so much more capacity than we allow ourselves to think about. More capacity to achieve more, more capacity to believe what’s possible, more capacity to believe we are more than enough to achieve what we want.

And as individuals it’s challenging to see that for ourselves because we are ‘in’ our life story. Have you ever looked at a friend or a colleague and thought ‘If only they changed this or that about themselves, they would fly.’

I Notice Your Potential In Our First Session.

That’s what I see within you. When you first have a session I notice your potential and then I look at what needs to change inside you to reach your potential. Sometimes it’s emotional detox, sometimes it’s mindset work, and sometimes it’s both of those then helping you install new habits, beliefs, and strategies.

Ultimately it’s so much easier to see it in someone else than it is in yourself which is why I’m here for you.

We Work Out Where You Want To Be.

We sit down and identify where you are now then where you want to be. We then work together to facilitate your end goal. I describe it like peeling an onion as we uncover what is no longer useful, whether it’s a belief or identity or a past experience.

We peel it away and deal with the next layer until we are at your core self. The number of sessions depends on what you want to work on and your end goal. I use positive psychology, NLP and Hypnosis which is an amazing mixture of theories, tools and techniques which can be bespoke to what you need

Technology enables me to do a lot of my coaching sessions on Zoom so you don’t have to travel.

I see the amazing resilience, insight, compassion, strong leadership and potential within you.

NLP Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Julia Lee, a qualified and successful NLP coach. Working with you, supporting and guiding you to individual success.

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Instinctive Leadership Entrepreneur

Take the next step in your personal development with our Instinctive Leadership.

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Instinctive Leadership Organisation

Help the workforce become more positive and focused, increase productivity, and then profit for your organisation.

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Inspirational Performance

I will inspire your audience to have more confidence, and talk about what it takes to change your life.

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Julia made a huge step for women in the sport

Julia is one of rugby league’s most prominent figures. Over the last four decades she has helped to develop the sport of rugby league from many different perspectives, all of which have promoted and improved the game.

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