Instinctive Leadership Organisation

Instinctive Leadership Organisation

Do You Want To Become A Really Effective Leader?

Instinctive Leadership is part of a wider initiative of TEAM You which offers global opportunities for organisations such as yours. The overriding purpose being to build an equitable and diverse workforce.

Whether you are on the first rung of the leadership ladder or you lead a team already, our series of programmes and workshops are here for you to work through and obtain a more confident workforce with a resilient innovative skill base, and tools and techniques to effect a positive change.

Positive Changes Reduce Absences And Grow Your Organisation.

Positive changes reduce absences, help the workforce become more positive and focussed, increase productivity, and then profit for your organisation.

Our dynamic eLearning platform meets the needs of all learning style needs. We offer bespoke packages for your organisation delivering either virtually or face to face as required.

The content covers a wide range of core competences around communication, emotional intelligence, networking, managing change and leadership core skills. All of these areas are needed to effect positive change in the workforce as individuals and as a whole.

We Help You Get Better Results For Your Organisation.

Instinctive Leadership is designed with your organisation in mind to help you keep talent within your team for better results as an organisation and for your clients.

It particularly helps your talented individuals who are ambitious and have a real thirst for knowledge, and are ready to take the next step to become a successful leader in their field.

This initiative is for organisations who are looking to invest in their talent’s personal growth, offer challenges to help them succeed and are keen to widen their thinking to achieve ultimate success.

Have A Clear Direction For Success.

In order to be successful, we firstly get a clear picture on the direction of your organisation and what you want to achieve when you commit to the Instinctive Leadership & Growth Initiative.

It is critical that all leaders and teams involved are fully engaged and are focussed on the same objective and outcomes for your business. When this happens, people get so much more than just business aspirations out of the programme.

Address All Areas Of Your Life And Business.

We help move individuals to torch beam on the bigger picture and address all areas of their life identifying their high-level intentions which are broken down into manageable goals.
We know that energy flows where attention goes. Instinctive  Leadership inspires you and your team to operate consistently at a higher energy level and to have the confidence to follow your gut instinct more often.

Our Partners

She was very approachable, answering questions with great honesty and frankness

Julia came to talk to our women’s group about her experiences of being a woman involved in the male dominated sport that is rugby league.

Rachel Salt