Inspirational Performance

Inspirational Performance

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Hi, my name is Julia Lee. I was the first female referee in mens’ rugby league, I am a public speaker, I help individuals become more effective leaders with emotional intelligence, and I help people feel better about themselves.

I never envisaged that I would be inspiring audiences with stories of being knocked down with confidence, building it back up again, and how to change your life.

When I was aged three my dad was killed in a fatal road accident. This obviously had a profound effect on my mum who at that time did not have a job, could not drive and had three young children to care for.
My mum despite her grief had to step up to the leadership plate. However, me and my siblings also had a job to do. I was thrust into a position where I had to become self-sufficient and resilient.

Become A Leader Of Yourself.

I became a leader of myself and at such an early age realised that in order to get on in life you had to go and get it.
No one is going to bring opportunities to you already packaged up, you have to make sure you are at the front of the queue.

I pushed and pushed to become a referee for mens rugby league. It turned out I was the first female ref! And whilst I absolutely loved it and rugby league is still close to my heart, the role had challenges for me personally because I was a woman in a male dominated sport.

From that Point I decided I wanted to make a positive change in other people’s lives, to help them live their life, make their own opportunities, and to feel resilient to whatever life throws at them.

I Will Inspire Your Audience.

Most people are looking for inspiration and direction, and as a woman who has been through a challenging journey, picked herself up and changed her life, I am here.

I will inspire your audience to have more confidence, tell some great stories from my rugby league days, and talk about what it takes to change your life.

Contact me here to discuss your personal requirements on how I can help entertain your audience whatever the event.

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She has quietly continued to break down barriers and achieve great things on behalf of the sport.

I have no doubt that her very positive influence will continue within the sport and beyond it.mShe has some steel in her belly and is a force for good.

Ralph Rimmer