NLP Coaching and Hypnosis Explained

What is NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy?

I often get asked what is NLP Coaching and Hypnosis? How can it help me? In order to assist people make sense of it all and how it could benefit them I have explained it all below;

1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Okay, so it’s a horrendous name, this is what it means:

Is to do with the unique way we experience the world as we go through life. It also deals with how we organise the information that we get every second of our lives through our senses.
Is about how we express what we experience to ourselves and to others? It looks at how the language we use affects how we think, feel and behave.
Is all about the behaviour patterns that we develop, unconsciously through life and how we can change them if we want to.
Julia Lee life coach and hypnotherapist

NLP is an applied psychology that offers quick and effective techniques to help us to grow and develop. NLP can be applied to virtually any area of life, and it is all about personal growth and development.

2. Coaching

Coaching is a process of getting people from where they are to where they want to be as quickly and effectively as possible. It does this through:

  • focussing on now and the future (“Where am I?” and “Where do I want to be?”).
  • assuming that they are able to sort out their own lives, but that they may need assistance to find the resources that they need (“How will I get there?”).
  • setting agreed, realistic goals with them for which they have responsibility.
  • giving them opportunities to put attention to areas of their live (beliefs, values, behaviour, rules etc.) that may be blocking the changes they want.
  • giving them the tools to make the changes that they want.
  • offering coaching to either small groups or to individuals.

3. Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis

There are many complex and intricate theories surrounding hypnosis, however it’s fair to say that hypnosis is nothing more than an increased focus and/or narrowing of attention. This could be internal or external.

Stephen Brooks defines hypnosis as a glue that helps to make therapy “stick”, this is a particularly good analogy, particularly when looking at the therapeutic role of hypnosis in psychotherapy.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state (trance) that happens to us all dozens of times a day while reading, watching TV and daydreaming. If you’ve ever been lost in a film or transported to a faraway place while reading a book, day-dreamed while gazing out of a moving train or been so focussed on a sport or hobby that everything else ceased to exist… then you’ve been in a trance.

Hypnosis is not sleep, although many hypnotists use the word “sleep” when talking about hypnosis. Therefore, some people can believe that they were not in a trance. Because they were aware of everything that happened, they believe that it didn’t work. In fact, most people experience hypnosis and remember everything that happened.

Hypnosis can complement coaching when a belief, attitude, condition or habit is held in the subconscious mind, it is very difficult to change when working on a conscious level (as most other techniques do) and therefore the problem can often persist.

Hypnotherapy works on both a conscious and subconscious level and so changes can often be surprisingly quick, positive and long lasting.

"Your life gets better when you get better"

We will provide;

  • 1-2-1 Coaching Support
  • Telephone and email support between coaching sessions

How Flexi Coaching Works

  • Initial consultation
  • Book a package of coaching sessions – no limit to when you use them
  • Book the coaching sessions when you want them
  • Only have the coaching sessions if you need them

Meetings include face to face in West Yorkshire or Zoom video conference. Face to face outside West Yorkshire will incur mileage expenses which will be agreed prior to coaching sessions starting.

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