Onside: Improving Confidence; Self Esteem and Health

Onside: Improving Confidence; Self Esteem and Health

Onside is designed to work intensively with cohorts of 10 children in year 5 to raise aspiration, improve academic attainment and retention in education.

The project is an extra-curricula activity which takes place in school for 6 one-hour sessions. Onside provides expert support, group sessions, and inspirational experiences to empower the children to fulfil their potential. Onside will successfully work with individuals and groups in education delivering outcomes for schools to;

  • Improve primary school success academically and socially
  • Improve academic attainment and retention
  • Deliver Ofstead enrichment activity which will develop the individual’s self-awareness and mental wellness outcomes
  • Develop more young people to have the confidence and motivation to learn

The six-week afterschool programme had three clear outcomes:

  • Improved Health
  • Improved Confidence
  • Improved Motivation
Children will take part in a range of activities including, confidence activities, cooking healthy meals, physical activities and preparing and delivering a mock interview.

Project Cost

Total £1881 per 6-week project which is £188 per pupil

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