Old Pain 2 Go

Have you been diagnosed by a Medical Professional and prescribed or advised to take pain relief medication?

Do you know that Pain is not simply a measure of tissue damage and that most pain disappears before we fully heal?

Pain is a complex calculation made in the brain to send an appropriate message to the area that needs attention. As a Certified OldPain2Go® Practitioner Julia Lee can help you to challenge if that calculation is still appropriate and this typically results in lower pain levels or total removal of that Old Pain Message. OldPain2Go® is based on the latest in scientific knowledge and the body’s natural ability to self-heal, it provides a safe and effective way to a better life.

Want to help yourself?

  • Works on almost any “Old” pain diagnosed by a Doctor.
  • Typically, just one session required.
  • No belief required, just the desire to be pain-free.
  • No physical contact needed.
  • Works on the principle of triggering self-healing.
  • No trance needed.
  • Education for lasting results.
  • Allergy removal may be possible.

Please note: This does not constitute medical advice. You must have been diagnosed by a medical professional who has prescribed or advised pain relief.

For more information OldPain2Go® methodology developed by Steven Blake www.oldpain2go.com

£60 for one session

Our Partners

Julia is a great role model for young people, with a proven track record and an inspirational story.

 She has a delivery style that exudes confidence in her abilities, and can meet demands of the most challenging clients.

Mark Robinson