CSI Public Performance

CSI Public Performance

Bespoke performance for the audience, based on the life story of Julia Lee, who was the first female qualified men’s rugby league referee in Great Britain and Australia achieving international honours as a Match Official.

She has worked in the tough male environment of rugby league for over 20 years in a variety of roles and was successful in securing and delivering a £29 million Sport England Award 2008 – 2012. Julia has transferable skills in leadership, financial and business development which can be adapted to many circumstances. She has a proven ability to recruit, develop and lead successful teams and individuals to achieve outstanding results.

Making a Difference

Julia is driven by the desire to make ‘positive differences to individuals and groups’ particularly young people and women in disadvantages areas. The intention is that from some of her more significant life moments and situations the audience receive key messages which are thought provoking and inspiring for the listener to;

  • Reflect on their own behaviour and how they can be more effective in the workplace, university or school.
  • Inspire them to take responsibility and take positive action to make a difference in their lives.
  • Provides them with an introduction to tools which can help make positive change and help them be more productive

Public Performances

Learn more about Julia and how her journey engages an audience.


  • Whoever you are, whatever your background is, whatever has happened to you, you are the only one who can take charge and lead your life. Take responsibility.
  • We all have limiting beliefs we need to learn how to recognise them and develop strategies for dealing with them
  • It might not come easy, but it is worth the perseverance to tackle the unfamiliar to succeed
  • We are influenced by what happens to us in our lives and this shapes us as a person. Learn how can we manage past labelling, beliefs and values to ultimate success
  • If you know what motivates you/makes you tick, then you this helps to focus and give you direction
  • It is not that you can’t do it, it is unfamiliar and must be developed like all skills
  • Learn the importance of networks and knowing the right people
  • Learn the importance of a positive mindset and being able to reframe situations

Price range £350 - £500

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